Our first product is Eddy, a compact robot that turns any black thumb green. See how we are growing the market of vertical farming. See us featured in Fast Company.

Euphrates is Eddy’s big brother, and is harmonizing data for a concerto effect. We mingle lighting, nutrients and greenhouse data to decode the language of plants in large commercial greenhouse operations.

Flux is building out OEM solutions in a number of verticals including:

  • Horticulture
  • Aquaculture
  • Energy
  • Military


eddy learn more-hydroponics growbot

Eddy is the world's first easy button "growbot" for personal use.

eddy learn more-hydroponics sensors

He replaces antiquated sensors and communicates with your grow.

eddy learn more-hydroponics expert grower a.i.

Eddy comes packed full of expert grower data and a knowledge base that grows with his A.I. brain.


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Meet the Dream Team

The flux team brings decades of experience transforming industries such as mobility, banking, intelligence and hardware. Collectively we’ve had venture companies, others funded by Facebook, built technology that saves American soldiers’ lives, and have brokered deals worth billions in impact. We are an international A team, leaders in our field that have built families and companies. We unite under one front: a massive vision for cognifying our physical world.

Blake Burris flux
Blake Burris


Karin Kloosterman flux
Karin Kloosterman

Chief Instigator

Amichai Yifrach flux
Amichai Yifrach

Head of Technology

Nir Hertzman flux
Nir Hertzman

VP of Manufacturing

Reuel Yarbrough flux
Reuel Yarbrough

Lead Designer

Cody Duke flux
Cody Duke

Growth Manager

Oren Ravid flux
Oren Ravid

Head of Global Sales

Max W. flux
Max W.

Secret Weapon

Advisory Board

Henry Gordon-Smith flux
Henry Gordon-Smith


Dan Grady flux
Dan Grady


Ben Greenfield flux
Ben Greenfield

Ben Greenfield Fitness

Arie Abecassis flux
Arie Abecassis

Iconyc Labs

Thieme Hennis flux
Thieme Hennis