Meeting Idea Makers in Aspen to Feed the World

Flux Aspen Ideas Fest

Davos is where the world’s billionaires meet every winter to shape the economics of the world. Aspen and the Ideas Festival is where they come to their winter-turned-summer-fun chalets to play and learn about cutting-edge ideas to shape the world for good. We were one of 4 startups invited this year tell this crowd how high-tech can feed our future.

It was a 6-day event for us, and we had crowds come to learn from us about the future of food. While we’ve been playing to the idea of indoor farming, urban farming, and cannabis cultivation to our US market and fan base, who are in line to buy our food harvesting robot Eddy (35,000 and growing), the message we were sharing was much bigger than legalizing cannabis… and much bigger than microgreens.

Karin and Eddy at Aspen Ideas Festival
Karin and Eddy at Aspen Ideas Festival

Eddy is a device that is an information harvester. He works to help you grow what’s important to you and your family be it microgreens, kale, great medicinal herb, or even fruit trees. Eddy is a global solution to not only improve food quality, but he is insurance for global food security.

Because Eddy both wisely collects and processes data, and because we do it through all sizes of the network, from home growers to smallhold farmers to commercial growers, for the first time ever everyone’s experience and know-how contributes to the big picture. A “finger to the wind” was the world’s first sensor. We shared with the Davos crowd and dozens of billionaires that we met about our connected “finger”. Eddy listens to the perceived and the unperceived.

He understands and connects everyone to big ideas like distributed networks, cutting-edge biology like CRISPR for gene editing and programming of individual cells or networks of cells in a plant. He also connects the planet to a fair way of sharing data and experience by compensating everyone and anyone who helps shape our global brain; part of which is to be open-sourced.
Our instigator, Karin Kloosterman, at the Ideas Festival where 3,000 people convened to hear about ideas that shape our world.

Flux Hiking with Friends in Aspen
Flux Hiking with Friends in Aspen

We not only networked like there’s no tomorrow with the Davos crowd, each attendee running philanthropies and big ideas, but we also got to hike with some great minds. One of those is running experiments onboard NASA. One thing about this crowd is that they don’t like name dropping, so we will keep who we met low key… and while we love to be out with boots on the ground, or oars in the world, rooting for the underdog, it’s also important to play and interact with the global shakers and makers of our world.

Thanks to Aspen Ideas leadership for letting us be one of the select companies to share how technology like ours is powering agriculture of the future.

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