Flux solutions for OEM applications

flux oem solutions

The automobile industry was automated by robots 30 years ago, setting goals for efficiencies and standards in every manufacturing line. Today any business can be made stronger, and more profitable with the upper hand on data, the knowledge to apply it to make processes more efficient and safe, and work more rewarding for employees and partners. The Flux OEM solution is the first in its class to bring powerful cognifying tools into any industrial business.

Hit the wall with in-house solutions and the limits of your development team? Looking for an efficient and cost-effective way to future-proof your business to bolster growth?

The Flux enterprise solution is here to help. Paired with our patented data-collecting harvesting MICO, get ready to join the big guns into the world of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Based in military applications the Flux enterprise solution is secure, strong and sensitive. Built on the world’s most intelligent cloud layer –– your assets gain new streams of data, productivity and efficiency. Best of all, don’t bang your head on the wall. Cut your time to market to months instead of years.


The Flux OEM enterprise solution is a global, cloud-based interface that connects any physical device or sensor to data meaningful to you.

Two underlying concepts drive the system:

  • End-user wisdom is the source of an ever-evolving knowledge database that creates Deep Learning opportunities.
  • Machine Learning enables the Flux hardware to improve processes, efficiencies or set tasks. Deep Learning creates powerful knowledge.

The Flux database, combined with processing power stores data-driven knowledge which correlates hardware actions to end-user needs.

Machine Learning: End-user, could include the line manager, systems operator, distributor, and the results can be uploaded and applied to your solution, which then does deep-learning on all connected sensors in the network to “learn” and implement new behaviors. As a result, Flux-connected hardware becomes hyper-efficient without touching the hardware and software inside any device.

The Flux OEM solution includes:

  1. MICO hardware (patent-pending electronics)
  2. Hermetically sealed communication tools
  3. Military-inspired cyber-security, processors and file server functions
  4. A backend gateway to the Flux Framework
  5. The Flux Studio: an integrated tool for data users and developers to enrich their environment
  6. An API for building access points (app/web/etc) for end-users and administrators
flux oem solutions

Expanding your universe

Flux offers a low-cost, multi-sensor IoT hardware hub. Each MICO unit can physically connect up to 8 different sensors, and to additional WiFi-connected probes or actuators (control devices). You can connect to raw data probes, meaning no analog-to-digital conversion systems or any other electronic conversion board is needed. For the first time ever, the raw probe is suddenly a powerful entry point to the world of data. By eliminating the need for an electronic board to interpret data from each probe, significant costs of hardware and integration are eliminated while shrinking the physical size of your form factor.

Each MICO unit serves as a WiFi access point and can create a mesh network to transfer information between all the units in unlimited configurations with only one unit connected to the Internet. Flux is also cellular ready. If no Wi-Fi connection exist at point of use, connection for data backhaul can be made via cellular modem or other radio, e.g, LoRa.

Learn more about MICO >

Future Proofing Your Solution

Existing products require sensor configurations to be hardwired or pre-defined by the hardware and/or electronics. If one replaces a sensor, switches manufacturer or changes ports, a new electronics board needs to be redesigned and manufactured; creating extra costs and project delays. By comparison, Flux allows one to choose any combination of sensors and connect them to any port. Sensors can be pre-configured via software without any new electronic board fabrication, which means upgrading technology on-the-fly. Bottom line? Faster time to market.

Flux backend – Monitor and control anything in your domain

Each backend server contains all the information and procedures needed to support all users in the network. It also includes a specially-designed database that supports the expansion of data and the extraction analysis for any number of purposes.

For example:

  • All your relevant sensor protocols and production protocols
  • Recommended associations of product types, open-sourced data, historical data, proprietary and classified data
  • All real-time and current data
  • Lower and upper control limits for notifications
  • Updated drivers and firmware versions
  • All current users' profiles, images, sensor information, videos, social data along with all historical data
  • It will contain all algorithms that are evolving to optimize and then automate any industrial process defined by you.

Database Server

The Flux database was designed to limit access to achieve maximum security. It contains all historical data, but only information is stored here. Data can be pulled out to the data processing server for analysis.

Data Processing Server

This is a dedicated server for analyzing data and information. It can be used by the database only or through an OEM arrangement. This allows for swift analyses of information according to set requirements.

Flux can rocketboost your business by cutting costs and enhancing functions. Flux provides a flexible solution that will allow you to avoid endless development cycles.

Choose Flux if you are looking to:

  • Cut the costs of developing proprietary hardware in-house or with expensive contractors
  • Skip prototyping stage (and platforms like Arduino or Raspberry Pi) for a scalable, integrated and professional solution
  • Reduce sensor costs by using raw probes, without additional electronics
  • Change out your probes without the need to develop a new electronic board
  • Remotely update firmware and drivers
  • Access leading-edge sensors by being able to experiment with new products, without the commitment
  • Secured IoT infrastructure end-to-end, from server to app
  • Set lower and upper control limits without any software skills and edit these definitions by yourself at any given time.

Benefits your solution needs

If you have an app or wish to develop one using the Flux API you can connect to your end-users to:

  • Interact with and discover new data
  • Evolve or improve applications of your product
  • Participate in efficiency processes, plan meetings – or offer training and standards certification courses.
  • Evolve opportunities for employees to be more involved in industrial or technical discovery processes

Rock Solid Security

Be confident with Flux’s high levels of security: Flux is borne out of the military to save the lives of soldiers. Its founders have developed solutions for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. Marines. Rest assured your data and business will be rock solid safe and secure as you grow.

Cognify your future. Contact Flux to discuss your solution needs.